What You Need to Know About You Social Security Disability Hearing

Fort Wayne Social Security disability lawyerYour Social Security disability hearing is perhaps the most important part of your disability claims process. Although the private hearing is less formal than a typical courtroom trial, you will still need the assistance of a Fort Wayne Social Security disability lawyer to guide and prepare you to successfully present your case to the judge.

One of the most important steps in preparing for your disability hearing is to know what to expect. Your Fort Wayne Social Security disability lawyer will provide you with the details of the hearing. Below is a brief overview.

What the Disability Hearing Room Looks Like

The Social Security hearing rooms are very different from traditional trial courtrooms. Your hearing will be take place around a conference table. In some cases, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) may be seated a few feet higher than the rest of the participants. The hearing will be recorded.

Who Will Be At the Hearing?

Disability hearings are private. Only a few individuals are generally present, all of whom are relevant to your case:

  • The ALJ
  • A hearing monitor who records the proceedings
  • Your Fort Wayne Social Security disability lawyer
  • You
  • Possibly experts who are called to testify
  • Witnesses

However, it should be noted that unlike courtroom proceedings the hearing is closed to the public and any observers who have no connection to your claim will not be allowed in the hearing room without your explicit approval.

Preliminary Hearing Matters

Prior to your hearing, your Fort Wayne Social Security disability lawyer will need to obtain updated medical records. Medical records are very important to your case and are often a deciding factor in appeals. Your lawyer will also prepare you to answer properly any questions the ALJ may ask. The more prepared you are, the more likely that you can provide the ALJ with the detailed information he or she needs to make an informed decision.

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