Does My Disability Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

As a person gets older, qualifying for Social Security becomes easier. This is especially true when you are disabled and middle aged. Once a person is 45, things start to get easier when dealing with the Social Security Administration. When a person reaches 55, and they have had a steady job but suddenly cannot work anymore, this is when it is time to apply for benefits. If your disability keeps you from doing the job that you have always done, it may be time to apply for assistance.

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This doesn’t mean that being young disqualifies you for benefits. People think that in order to be disabled they must be bedridden, but this is not the case. For individuals who are under the age of 50, and are now unable to do jobs that they could previously did can apply for help. The SSA, or Social Security Administration, had two things that they are looking for when it comes to approving a disability application. First, they are looking to see that a person genuinely has a condition that prevents them from working. The terms of the Administrations true disabilities usually don’t line up with the general public’s option. However, it is not impossible to convince to win.

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If you can’t work, you need to apply for benefits. Denials typical are commonplace, but keep appealing. It is best to have a lawyer assist you and deal with the hearing before an administrative judge. Even if you lost the hearing, a disability lawyer can help pursue the case to the next level of the justice system, the Appeals Counsel. If you cannot work full-time anymore due to a medical condition, it’s time to apply for benefits. The sooner you get the process rolling, the sooner you can get benefits.

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