Extending The Deadline For Your Social Security Appeal

When you have missed the initial deadline for your Social Security appeal, you still have a chance to get your appeal in to the court system. However, you need to work with an advocate who is going to help you get your appeal to go through. There are many times when you do not want your appeal to wait, but you have to for a variety of reasons. You should hire an attorney who will help you file the right paperwork to make sure that you will be able to get your appeal going in the system.

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You will need to be honest about why you missed your appeal deadline, but you can still get your appeal to go through. Your lawyer is the person who can do all the talking to make sure that you can keep your appeal going. Your lawyer is the person who can help you manage your appeal so that you are not denied.

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You are in need of these funds to survive, and you want to make sure you are taking every chance you can to get your Social Security benefits. With the right lawyer on your side, you can get your appeal deadline extended.

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