How Does the SSA Determine Disability?

Once the SSA reviews your claim to see if you have qualified by earning enough work credits (SSD), it will then move on to the next step in the process, which is assessing your disability. Fort Wayne Disability Lawyer

You must meet five requirements before the SSA will determine that you can collect either SSD or SSI benefits. First, you must not be performing substantial gainful activity. Usually, that means that you cannot earn more than $1,070 in a one-month period.

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Next, you must have a severe medial impairment that a specialist can verify. Thirdly, the illness that you have must match one that the SSA has listed on its site. If the SSA finds that your disability does match the one of the disabilities is has on its site, then it will consider your residual functional capacity. You must be unable to perform your past work or engage any other kind of work.

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The organization can disqualify you for not having a disability, not having a serious enough disability, or not being ill long enough to qualify. If one of the SSA’s examiners feels as if you can conduct previous work or a different kind of work, then it may disqualify you, as well.

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