How Much Influence Does a Treating Doctor Have in an SSD Case

A treating physician can play a significant role in an SSD case. The SSA often requests medical information and opinions from the doctors who are closest to the claimant.

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The treating physician can usually provide a great deal of insight on that person’s functionality level, medication reactions, and his or her ability to perform everyday tasks. The information from a treating physician can be crucial in a claim because the SSA will hold a great deal of weight in that person’s opinion. The treating physician can often offer a perspective that is more detailed than the opinion of a hospital physician or a consultative examiner is.

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What Kind of Information Does a Doctor Have to Provide?

The SSA will request very specific information about the patient’s impairments so that they can get a full understanding of the condition. The organization may request information about the medications the person is taking, the side effects that it may cause, the limitations of such a patient, and the expected period for the person to recover.

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The opinion of the treating physician will help the Social Security Administration to determine the severity of the patient’s condition, which may affect that person’s eligibility for benefits.

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