How to Appeal a Denial of Social Security Benefits

What Happens If Benefits Are Denied and I Failed to Appeal Within 60 Days?

This means that you will need to begin the application processes again by filling out a new application. This could also result in a loss of back benefits. Appealing within 60 days is important so that your application will go through the system faster. The quicker that your benefits are denied, the quicker you can receive a hearing.

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How To Appeal:

The denial letter you received will give you instructions on how to appeal. The first appeal you will go through is a “reconsideration”. In order to receive a reconsideration, you must request it. If that reconsideration is denied than you can request a hearing but it must be requested within the 60-day time limit given.

Appealing Can Be Done in One of Three Ways:

1. Visit your local Social Security office to turn in your appeal. If you choose to visit the Social Security office, make sure that you bring a copy of the denial letter you received. A representative for Social Security at the office must give you a signed copy of the appeal so you can prove you appealed within the 60-day time limit.

2. You can visit the social security website at: to appeal your denial. You must print and keep the receipt after submitting your claim so that you can prove you appealed within the 60-day time limit.

3. Call the Social Security Administration and speak to a representative about appealing by phone or mail.

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