Questions About Social Security Disability

Your Questions About A Social Security Disability Hearing Answered

After I request a hearing, how long will it take for one to be scheduled, a decision made and benefits paid? Disability Attorneys Fortwayne
There are many variables that go into this answer. If you look at the nation as a whole, it takes about 15 and a half months from the date you request a hearing for the hearing to be schedule and a decision made. Of course, the time it takes varies, depending on the state you live in.

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At the hearing, the judge can issue a bench decision. If this does not happen, it can take two to three months to discover the decision.

If you have been successful, it will take between a month and two to start receiving your current benefits. It can take between five to six months for all of the benefits dating back to the date you applied for a hearing to be paid.

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During this process, a lawyer can get very little done to speed up the process.

How will I be notified of the hearing date?

Your lawyer will be the first to notify you of the hearing date. After the judge’s assistant calls to verify that your attorney is available on the hearing date, he will send you a letter. A Notice of Hearing from the court will come next.

I received a Notice of Hearing before getting a letter from my attorney. What now?

It is possible that the judge’s assistant did not get a hold of your attorney so be sure to call your attorney’s office as soon as possible.

Having the right attorney makes all the difference at your hearing so choose one with a good track record and will work hard for you.

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