Questions for Disability

Am I Eligible?
If you are unable to work due to an injury or health issue, you might wonder if you are eligible to receive disability. AS you get older, it can be easier to receive disability due to Social Security regulations.

Fort Wayne Disability Lawyer

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When you reach the age of 45, it is easier for those who are unable to read English. When you are over 55 and are not able to preform the necessary job skills that you have been able to do in 15 years, it would be the best time to apply. Those over the ago of 50 with an impairment that prevents working should apply for disability.

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The Younger Generation
If you have not reached the age of 45, you can still apply for disability, but it will be harder to be approved. You have to prove that you can no longer work, and a doctor will likely need to declare that you are disabled. This doesn’t mean that you have to be confined to a bed. It simply means that you can’t perform the duties of a regular job. Just because you aren’t able to work isn’t the same as being disabled. It’s not impossible to prove your disability with the help of an attorney, but you might face a few denials along the way.

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