Reasons For Late Appeals

If you were originally denied Social Security Disability Benefits and you have missed the deadline for filing an appeal, you can ask the Social Security Administration office to extend the deadline.

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If you wish to file an appeal, you will need to provide a detailed letter documenting why you were not able to file the appeal prior to the deadline. In some cases, an affidavit may be requested. The Social Security Administration Office will extend your deadline date if they find good cause to do so.

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An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will then decide if the requests for a hearing is late. The Appeals Council will also review the request and decide if there is good cause for the request. The Appeals Council will determine if good cause exists to extend the deadline. The extension will be granted if an untimely appeal resulted in the claimant being mislead by the Social Security Administration Office.

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The Social Security Administration Office will usually grant an appeal’s extension for the following: educational, mental, physical, or the inability to understand the English language. In addition, mentally incapacitated individuals are often granted appeals extensions regardless of how much time has passed.

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