Social Security Disability Hearings

What Is Expected of Me at the Hearing?

Either the judge, or your lawyer, will question you regarding your personal background and the effect your disability has had on your life. They will be interested in knowing the type of work you have performed over the past 15 years, the highest form of education you received, your general medical history, and what type of activities make up a typical day for you. You will also be questioned about the symptom(s) you are experiencing, what your limitations are due to your medical condition, and how your daily activities are affected by the medical condition.

Fortwayne Disability Lawyer
Will I Be the Only One Speaking?

Your lawyer may choose to call a witness to testify in your behalf about what they have noticed in regards to your disability and how your daily life has been affected. A doctor or another expert may also be asked to give an outside opinion of the situation.

Meeting Your Administrative Law Judge

Take advantage of the meeting you will have with the Administrative Law Judge. This occasion allows you to personally meet the judge who has the final say about your case; it is the best chance you have of winning Social Security disability benefits. Take this opportunity to convince the judge your disability makes it impossible for you to work. In order to present your case properly to the judge, you may wish to speak with an attorney who specializes in disability benefits prior to the meeting.

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