Making The Claims Process Simpler

Fort Wayne Social Security lawyerIf you are planning to file for Social Security disability benefits, prepare to join a long line of applicants waiting for a decision on their claim. Fortunately, your Fort Wayne Social Security lawyer can help you take various steps to make this long process a little easier on you and increase your chances of being awarded disability benefits based on your initial application.

Steps to Take to make the Disability Claim Process more manageable

Below is a list of steps that you and your Fort Wayne Social Security lawyer need to take to prevent any unnecessary delays of the initial Social Security application process.

  • Be Prepared: Gather important information regarding your physical or mental medical condition prior to filing your claim with the Social Security Administration (SSA).
  • Complete the Application with Care and Detail: The initial application for Social Security disability benefits can be overwhelming. It is very important that you thoroughly fill out your initial disability application and provide detailed answers to the questions on the form.
  • Obtain Necessary Medical Records from Each of Your Treating Physicians: Discuss your disability with your physician and make sure you have his or her support in providing you and the SSA with all of your updated medical records. Documentation substantiating your disability is a key factor to preventing the delay of your disability claims process and getting a favorable outcome.
  • Respond to all SSA Correspondence in a Timely Manner: If the SSA sends you any requests for documentations or any other information regarding your application, it is crucial that you respond as quickly as possible. Failure to respond in a timely manner to these requests can lead to a denial for failure to cooperate. Your Fort Wayne Social Security lawyer will also make sure that your doctors expeditiously respond to SSA requests and provide all the necessary documentation and information requested.

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