Steps For Social Security Appeal

In the event that your social security disability claim is denied, there is an appeals process that can be started by an attorney.

Fortwayne Social Security Disability Attorney
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The process can be lengthy, and there are four steps that will be taken. The first step is the initial appearance. This will determine whether you are eligible for receiving benefits or not. If the claim is denied, then a reconsideration case is set up to go over all of the paperwork again. An administrative judge will listen to the case, and it will be reviewed by an appeals council.

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If you go through all of these steps and disability is still not awarded, then the case can go to a federal court. There is a limit of 60 days in order to have an appeal. This time starts from the date that the decision is made. Some states will allow 65 days. If the appeal has already been to a federal court, then there will only be 30 days for an appeal to be filed. If the decision falls before a holiday or weekend, the process will not start until the next business day. The appeal will be filed on the day received. In the event the postmark is not readable, then the administration will use other means to determine when the request was filed.

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