The SSA Bureaucracy Requires an Expert to Navigate It

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a massive bureaucracy, which it is almost impossible to successfully navigate unless you are an expert. The SSA employs over 57,000 people, and over 8,000 work for the disability adjudication section alone. There are, additionally, over 1,000 judges and 14,000 state workers who work full time dealing with SSA disability decisions.

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Confusion and Lack of Communication in the SSA

It is difficult even to know whom to call and how to do it, and if you try to do it without a lawyer at hand, you are sure to run into trouble. That is because many of the SSA’s rules are complicated and much of their internal communications are slow and inefficient. Many times, the SSA workers themselves are not aware of recent rules changes and may give you the wrong information.

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A Reluctance to Approve Benefits Is Natural

One must also take into account that the SSA saves money whenever it denies benefits. There is an inherent incentive, therefore, to make things difficult for you. When an expert attorney who specializes in SSA disability law steps in, however, the whole game changes immediately. They will be able to guide you through the whole process of getting your full benefits without being intimidated by the system.

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A Good Lawyer Can Help You Win

With so much stacked against you, it is no wonder if the services of a good lawyer are needed to ensure the government abides by its own laws. Those laws are complex, and a lawyer likely knows them better than the SSA workers. An attorney with a proven track record of success at obtaining disability payments will imbue respect and hasten the delivery or your benefits. They know all the problems that can slow things down, and they know how to counter them effectively.

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