The SSA’s Sequential Evaluation Process

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a sequential evaluation process to determine whether or not you qualify for disability payments. If at any point during the process the SSA determines your qualification status, the final steps are deemed needless and are foregone.Fortwayne Disability Lawyers

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The five steps in the SSA’s sequential evaluation process are:

  • Determine if you are involved in substantially gainful work activities
  • Discern whether or not you have a severe medical impairment
  • Compare your impairment with the SSA’s listed impairments to see if you can be covered
  • Decide if you are able to continue your past work activities
  • Investigate the practicality of your finding other employment that would pay as well as your current employment

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There are six reasons you could fail to obtain disability assistance:

  • You are still presently doing substantially gainful work activities
  • You have no disability that can be medically determined
  • Your impairment does not limit your work ability to a significant degree
  • You have not yet been disabled for 12 full months
  • You are deemed able to perform you past employment activities
  • You are deemed capable of doing some other type of work

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