What You Need to Know About Social Security Disability Hearings

What is the processing time for a scheduled hearing, benefits determination and receipt of benefits?

There is no standard processing time for a social security disability hearing. However, the average turnaround nationwide is about a year and a half from hearing request to disability determination.Disability Attorney Fort Wayne
After the hearing, the court typically renders a decision within two to three months, excluding a judge’s bench decision.

Those approved for disability benefits receive current disability benefits in approximately one to two months. Back benefits may be received five to six months initial award. If SSI is anticipated, expect longer turnaround.

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Primarily the Social Security Administration’s controls disability processing time. However, a social security disability lawyer can help.

What method does the Social Security Administration use to notify applicants about the disability hearing date?

Upon confirming that the applicant’s lawyer is available on a particular date, the assistant to the judge will proceed to schedule the hearing date. Applicants then receive a letter from his or her lawyer. The judge then mails applicants a Notice of Hearing.

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If a Notice of Hearing with a court date arrives before my lawyer’s letter, what should I do?

If a Notice of Hearing is received, but no letter from your lawyer about a scheduled hearing date, promptly call your lawyer.

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