Why do you need a lawyer to deal with the SSA?

The Social Security Administration is extremely large and that can make it difficult to deal with the organization. The Social Security Administration has thousands of employees and the the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review has even more employees. On top of all that there are thousands of state agencies throughout the nation that help make determinations in disability cases.

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why do you need a lawyer?
Navigating the Social Security Administration can be extremely difficult so it is important to hire a lawyer. Your lawyer will have an extremely difficult team navigating the bureaucracy of the Social Security Administration, but doing it yourself will be almost impossible. The biggest problem with the SSA is that it is so large that it can be almost impossible to know where to start. The SSA is rather inconsistent internally as well. A recent test of toll-free numbers at the SSA found that 25% of questions asked by the callers were answered incorrectly. Hiring the right lawyer can keep the SSA in line and ensure that you get the best service.

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Bureaucracies can be complicated and they develop extremely complex routines that people have to stick too. In order to get the best service possible out of the SSA hire a lawyer today.

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