Why the Social Security Administration Causes Headaches

With millions of individuals in the United States receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA), the organization has developed into a large bureaucracy that is difficult negotiate with. With more than 57,000 employees, the greatest challenge when dealing with the SSA is finding the right person to talk to. Even professional attorneys often have a difficult time getting in contact with the right person. In many cases, it can take several weeks to just to obtain the right phone number.

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Logistical Problems

With more than 1,300 administrative law judges, it can also be difficult to know what court to attend for a hearing. Without the help of a professional attorney, even attending the court date can become impossible. Since the social security programs are so large, it is often difficult to find a person who knows specific information. To add an extra layer of confusion, benefit recipients will alternately need to work with either the SSA itself or the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) organization.

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Taking the Right Steps

In many cases, individuals will attempt to call the SSA’s toll-free hotline. Due to the large bureaucracy, studies have shown that SSA representatives will give the wrong answer 25 percent of the time. To be certain that information is correct, benefit recipients should speak with a professional attorney.