Why the treating doctor is important in Social Security Disability determinations

Treating doctors are often asked by the Social Security Association and by attorneys for claimants to give information and opinions about the impairments of their patients. There are important things to remember when you have to get an opinion on impairment for social security claims.

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The Social Security Administration defines the treating doctor as the professional who is best able to provide a high quality picture of the medical impairments of the claimant. The treating doctor is able to provide a unique perspective of the evidence that cannot be had by just looking at the information. The Social Security Administration holds the opinion of the treating doctor in high regard.

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The treating doctor can be asked a variety of questions. These questions are used to get at the extent, severity, and the duration of the patients impairments. This can include professional opinions as well as observations. They will provide their personal opinion on whether the patient will be able to function at work and in day to day life. These opinions are held in extremely high regard by the Social Security Administration when it is drawing conclusions about the impairments of a claimant. The opinion of the treating doctor is extremely important.

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