Your Testimony at Your Social Security Disability Hearing

The accompanying inquiries are the sorts of questions the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) or your lawyer may ask you amid your Social Security hearing. Due note these inquiries will be pertinent to your Social Security case, and for a portion of the inquiries the answers may not make any difference, it is just important to be truthful in all of your answers.

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Nonetheless, it is imperative for your affirmation to demonstrate your individual constraints, and these inquiries reveal the sorts of things that may come during your disability hearing. These questions include:

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Foundation, Age, Education and/or Vocational Training, name, address, Social Security number, date of birth, current age and your age when injured.

Additional educational questions might include your last year of schooling, if you received your GED, if you did not graduate high school.

If you were born outside of the United States, they are going to ask you:
Where were you conceived? What dialect did you grow up talking? Where were you taught? At the point when did you go to the United States? What dialect is speak at your home today and if you are ready to pursue English as your national language.

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In the event of a mental impediment and comparative cases, questions include: Did you receive special classes and how well did you do in school? Do you read the daily paper (either online or in print)and do you understand basic messages

If you are considered unskilled, questions you might receive include: Who does job perusing for you? How have you taken care of occupation applications? How have you been able to you get a drivers permit? How have you figured out how to manage SSA structures?

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